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Due to the expansion of 3G, 4G and newer generations of network technology, mobile internet has become an unparalleled opportunity to deliver new services so that users benefit various forms of applications to access these services. Services available on BPJ can be provided through android mobile application. In IOTEL application, each user can view existing services in the service catalog and activate his/her required services.



Behpardaz Jahan Mobile Service Delivery platform :BPJ MSD

Mobile Service Delivery platform, as an integrated system, is capable of defining various digital services. A wide range of value added services can be included in this system and users can access to it through various ports, including USSD.

In this system, different service providers register their services through the API. Each service provider delivers its services to the MSD system according to a standard protocol. Each service provider can define one or more services in the MSD system.

While adding a service provider to the MSD system, different information is entered by the system administrator.

Service providers deliver their services to the integrated BPJ MSD system through API. MSD system provides mobile app users with these services using a proper user interface. The user interface for mobile services is called the “tool app”. Each user can optionally activate one or more tools on the mobile application, and thereby use the related services. So far, various tools have been launched in the BPJ system.

Given that the number of tools available in the app can be increased, various tools published in the system are provided as a catalog for users. By referring to the catalog, users can select and activate their favorite tools.

In Mobile Service Delivery system, there are a variety of tools for contacts from different groups. To help users for better searching and accessing to the tools, they are presented in different categories in the app.

Searching Tools

As there may be a lot of tools on MSD system, it’s suggested the tools to be searched by their names.

Activating the Tool

After selecting the required tool, each MSD user can activate it. By touching a tool, the user passes to the tool’s activation phase and can optionally touch the “turn on” button and activate his/her desired tool.

Tool Tips

Messages sent to the user, are easily accessible.

Sharing tools

The design of the app is such that if a user shares a tool in telegram and the invitation leads to downloading an app, a point is considered for the user.

  • A service system with an open-architecture basis that is suitable for organizations and individuals
  • Providing all of the information services available in your organization using a mobile app.
  • Establishing a connection between enterprise and public services
  • Designing based on messenger applications and ease of user experience
  • Service delivery platforms for 3G and 4G networks
  • Designing based on open-architecture with the aim of adding desired services
  • Supporting Oauth 2.0 protocol for authentication
  • Provided for both web and Android versions
  • Capable of service pricing and delivery to the service market