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The system was designed and developed by BPJ to electronically process the voting procedure. One of the most important reasons for launching such system is to speed up the process of maintaining the security and accuracy of the voting. The system consists of two main parts:


Electronic Authentication Device

This device allows voters to authenticate using their database. If the voter information is confirmed, a voter license card will be issued. Moreover, the authentication device uses its barcode reader to receive individual’s information from their ID card barcodes. This authentication device is equipped with an internal battery that allows the device to operate at the power failure time. Attractive design and ease of use makes the device very comfortable. Also, the precision in all stages of engineering has made it easy to set up.



Electronic Voting Desk

This device provides the possibility of taking a vote using authorized and issued cards. This device is designed to have no connection with the outside so that manipulation of votes in any way is not possible. The slim and ergonomic design makes it easy to use the device. The Electronic Voting Desk is equipped with an internal battery and in the absence of electricity, it is possible to conduct long-term voting. It also allows the car battery to be connected in an emergency. Due to the precise design, collecting and maintaining the device is very convenient since the poll-box, which is located below the desk, acts as a protector.


The process of authentication and electronic voting




  • Accurate and fast authentication using the internal database
  • High security at all stages of voting approved by domestic official and non-official security laboratories
  • Identification using ID-card barcode for greater security and speed
  • Rejection of duplicate votes
  • Adding desired number of poll-boxes
  • Printing a paper-based votes in addition to the electronic recording, holding in a special box for more safe bet
  • The slim and ergonomic design of the pool-box and ease of use
  • fire and water resistant and High resistance to atmospheric conditions due to its special material
  • Simultaneous use of touch screen and physical keyboard
  • Full identity protection and vote privacy
  • High speed startup