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In many organizations conducting surveys and polls play a major role in meetings. In order to carry out this process quickly and accurately, BPJ has designed the Electronic Voting system for fast, accurate and high-level voting.


What is electronic voting system?

consisting of a software and hardware, the system can be implemented in three formats, in accordance with the location and the requirements of the applicants:


Voting Through Fingerprints

This method is one of the safest and most recent methods of voting and there is no possibility of fraud and alteration. To do this, you first need to register fingerprints and voter information in the software. After determining the fingerprints of the voter, he/she is allowed to vote in the meetings. Individuals can vote by choosing to agree, oppose and abstention. Finally, the information is sent to the central machine. After counting, the results are revealed on the display.


Voting Using RFID Card

In this way, the RFID card is registered. To do this, first, the profile of the representatives is recorded in the software, after which the people are allowed to participate in the voting. Each voter is given a card. The card acts like voter’s fingerprint, by bringing the card closer to the voting device, the voting process will be done.


Voting without Identification

In cases where identification is unrelated, the system operates without any authentication and approval. The participants are able to record their votes upon the order of the director or secretary of the meeting.


This system has the capability to define the secretary for the voting sessions and can be used to register the attended members without the need for a poll. There is no need to setup a computer with specific hardware specifications and it can be customized for specific locations and conditions. Using this system can be started or stopped whenever the chairman of the meeting wants to. With regard to the features such as the attendance quorum, the fingerprint authentication or special identification cards, any violation will be prevented.



  • Register and maintain members’ profiles and census
  • Avoiding any cheat and vote buying
  • Artificial fingerprint recognition
  • Viewing the topic and displaying the results on the display
  • Defining access levels
  • Without the need of a computer, keyboard or any other hardware accessories
  • Full printable formats of meeting notes with predefined signatures
  • Dedicated design and customization of settings such as public or non-public, the number of attendees, the quorum of the attendants, the position record and the staffing numbers of the members, the documentation, and…
  • Adding special panels to the polls without having to make general changes to the system
  • Definition of specific groups and categories of voters
  • Abstention recording (White Vote)