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v  Central Office: No.45, Shahid Zamani St., Behind TIRAJE shopping center, Ashrafi Esfahani St. , Tehran, Iran

v  Postal Code: 1473185533


v  TEL & FAX: 44487100- 44487101- 44487099- 44487098- 44487097


v  International Office: No., 126 – 16th , Building Dubai Internet City, Dubai - UAE


Preface. 3

Special Experiences. 3

Company Profile. 4

Education status of company's Human Resource: 5

Board of Directors: 5

Certificate of High Council of Informatics (SHCI) 6

Management System ISO.. 8

Membership certificate of the union of software exporters. 9

Certificate of software guild organization of Tehran Province

Software Export  Certificate. 1 1

Software Production license

Iran technology stars award

Iran Award for management of Innovation and Technology

Fields of Expertis 1 

List of accomplished projects in the company.. 






A Concise review on BEHPARDAZ JAHAN Co. Services:

Nowadays using ICT as a means of empowerment is vital in order to reach to the aims of the business. So using this technology in an efficient & effective way is very important. The effectiveness and efficiency of the use of information and communication technologies directly is related to correct identification of the needs and appropriate use of this technology. Any organization that uses it correctly, and with a reasonable cost, it will experience the desired effects of it & vice versa each entity which uses technology by mistake or too costly, soon will confront Undesirable effects. Optimal utilization of ICT in an organization does not happen by itself, there should be an analysis of different ways of achieving it.

Behpardaz Jahan Co. was established in 1995 aiming to provide suitable solutions & services of ICT to organizations.  By efforts & beliefs of our young expert, Behpardaz has succeeded to execute many large projects in national scale. Our Staffs & Managers always tried to help organizations to do their missions & achieve their aims by implementing ICT technologies.  At present we have prepared full range of specific services for more than 20,000 users.

Special Experiences

§  Implementing different projects in fixed line, mobile & WLL telecom systems , specially customer care systems, Billing & Provisioning.

§  Execution of identification plans & issuing travel documents based on samert cards (E-Pass, ID Card,…) & Biometric technologies

§  Performing different projects & providing project management master solutions based on international standards of project management

§  Completing several projects in planning & execution of infra-structure, Network, Security & data center.

§  Performing different ICT projects in power industry

§  Execution of different projects in statistics systems.

§  Implementation of several projects in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry.




Company Profile

§  Company Title: Behpardaz Jahan Co.  (Private Held)

§  Date of Establishment: 1995

§  Registration Number: 120004

§  Field of Expertise: Planning, Consulting, Production Monitoring, installation, implementation & maintenance of all kinds of ICT projects.

§  *Ranking of Iran's supreme council of Informatics


Field of Activity



Production and support of customer ordered software



Providing and support software packages & software containing content



Provide basic software, systems and tools



Computer & telecom data Network



Security of cyber space



Consultation and Supervision on Informatics Projects



special systems



Research and education



Support services



Education status of company's Human Resource

A-     Diploma :                          8                people

B-     Associate Diploma:         12

C-     Bachelor:                          122

D-    Masters of Science:         25

E-     Doctorate:                                    7


Board of Directors






Software Engineering


Mehran Mohsenzadeh


Software Engineering


Mir Ali Seyedi


IT Management


Amir Reza Jalili


    1Development & Maintenance of customer's software

To create efficient software and suitable quality, generation process based on engineering methods and world methodology is essential.

According with this principle, BEHPARDAZEJAHAN company passed generation engineering process in generates all their output also they use appropriate tools.

This company has honored that participate in the some huge and national project during their activity and projects accomplish with success. 

Regarding customer ordered software we have four divisions as follows

     RFID Solutions Team

   Java platform based  group

   Oracle Developer group

      Microsoft based  group

      Infrastructure  group


2     Development of ICT Master Plan

Compilation information technology and communication master plans:

Enterprise architecture provides necessary platform for organizations survival and encounter with business existing and oncoming challenges. Enterprise architecture has increased organization agility and return on investment and it creates framework for future decision about technology. In the enterprise architecture has been identified main component and relationship how between them for achievement to business defined goals is characterized. These components have closely relation together and they are influential and effective to each other. If decision doesn’t compatible about components and relation between them, at least part of the activities and resource will go to waste and management and performance problems will increase and organization agility will be reduced. With the implementation of enterprise architecture, select of the correct component and how interact and their function with together is guarantee to increase the organization’ performance.

Ø  Advantages of enterprise architecture:

ü  Alignment ICT needs with business needs

ü  Increase integration and coordination ICT infrastructure

ü  To optimize costs and investments in ICT development

ü  Service quality through improvement delivery level of service with use of IT

ü  IT risks Control with promotion, security and control level

ü  Reduce the costs providing service with use of services based IT

ü  Management appropriate priorities And implement plans and projects

    Portal and service-oriented infrastructure software

Portal and service oriented software infrastructure

Nowadays ICT maturity has considerable importance in the organization and business community and to apply developed application systems is given. Of course there are new requirements in this regard, including:

ü  The need to create a platform for interaction between Legacy Application in the organization

ü  The need to establish community systems

ü  The need to develop agile systems and self organizing systems

ü  The need to create systems with open architecture

ü  The need to implement single window concept in the different scales from single user to e-government

ü  Need Feel to create a platform for integration at the enterprise community level (e-health, e-commerce, e- government) had caused that Behpardaze company has done  design and development of service oriented architecture software infrastructure with utilization of their experience at the implementation national and superior organization and more than 4 years research about software infrastructures for supply related requirements. This architecture is based on open architecture pattern and it supports distributed architecture.

ü  This architecture designed based on standards and service-oriented architecture (SOA) that applied to the architecture of most systems. Considering open architecture ability, software components can Added, removed or are replaced without architecture main framework changes. This allows to software manufactures that generate necessary software module based on edited standards in this architecture and add them to this solution




     IT Educational Course

Today Knowledge is cipher survival! Among the different definitions that exist for education what is more comprehensive concept than other definitions is consist of” art, learning science and use of knowledge”.

In view of the fact that one of the goals this company is training expert manpower in the information technology field, suitable action have done to establish FANPARDAZ higher education institute with taking authorization of research science and technology ministry. This institute celebrates application- short term higher education course in the related topic to management and information technology and certificate issued of this institute is approved ministry of research science and technology


  IT Consultation Service

One of main actions this company is consultation presentation at the perform comprehensive plans and huge of informatics. Among the services that are offered in this area include of:

ü  Consulting in the field of definition method and projects execution

ü  Consulting on policies making and  information technology planning

ü  Consulting in the area of buying hardware and software systems and advice for selecting the appropriate architectural pattern


    Supervision and control of software projects

In this phase activities over monitoring will be introdused and work organization will be designed. Also, some methods for approving projects and requiered forms for monitoring and control projects will prepare and contractors will be informed of them.At the end, outcomes will be auditing, verifying and validating. There are some chek lists to validating project management scheme, control management, configuration management and quality management during the project.


    Research projects

Behpardaz Jahan has an expert team with great relation among universities’ professors in order to doing research project in various fields.  In following some of these projects are listed:

ü  Research and Feasibility study on establishing software park in country

ü  Comparison among famous DBMS

ü  Assessing and comparison between different methodologies of producing systems

ü   Research on processing population and houses census - 2005


     EPC projects in the field of Information Technology

According to beneficial history of our company in software projects and great experiences about Information technology management, and reducing restriction for purchasing required hardware, we can process EPC projects with great quality of designing based on collaboration with our international company.

One of the EPC project which has been done in our company is related to providing and configuring some electronic services for e-government in 1390.

In this regard, Behpardaz has following related skills:

1-Possible solution for implementing identification projects by radio frequency ( RFID SOLUTION)

2- Possible solution for implementing physical security projects

2-Possible solution for implementing security for card reader(smart card) systems


    Retailing international software solutions with license and support services

Through its sister company (International IT House), Behpardaz Jahan offers global software and solutions with the necessary licensing and backs it with its world renowned customer support service. In this segment there are several hardware and software resources. There are some of our experiences in this field in continuance:


 Fixed line and Cell Phone telecom systems


 Comprehensive approach to project management



 Planning and implementation of network infrastructure


List of accomplished projects in the company


    Mechanization of Billing Center of Iran's Mobile Network

      Customer care System mechanization of MCI



    International IT House Co. (Located in Dubai internet city)

      FAN PARDAZ Education Institution





     EPCOR/ SCALA(ERP Solution)

APPLIX(Business Intelligence)








·         MCI

·         Iran Statistics Center

·         KHAJE NASIRODIN TOOSI University

·         IRAN ICT Ministry

·         Ports and shipping organization

·         Booshehr Province Government

·         TAVANIR Co.

·         Tehran Electric Power Co.

·         KARAFARIN Insurance

·         Iran Railway Organization

·         Tabriz Petrochemical Co.

·         Iran Custom Organization

·         Mofid children hospital

·         FARHANGIAN Hospital

·         Education Ministry

·         Shahid Beheshti University

·         IRIB

·         Iran chamber of commerce

·         Islamic Azad university

·         Ministry of industry, Mine and commerce





v  Central Office: No.45, Shahid Zamani St., Behind TIRAJE shopping center, Ashrafi Esfahani St. , Tehran, Iran

v  Postal Code: 1473185533


v  TEL & FAX: 44487100- 44487101- 44487099- 44487098- 44487097


v  Email: Info@Behpardaz.net


v  Website: www.behpardaz.net

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