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The security department of Behpardaz Jahan was founded in 2009 in the form of a purely security technical team consisting of technical security software developers as well as cybercriminal and information security experts. In addition to providing software, hardware and enterprise architecture security solutions, the team also offers products such as Positive Technologies and Solar Security at the most affordable prices.



Positive Technologies

Since many large organizations provide their services on the Internet, they are mainly provided with important information that is highly regarded by hackers. Hence, the network security and software systems protection is very important and inevitable issue. In order to maintain security, it is essential to focus on vulnerable points. On the other hand, the use of technologies such as cloud-based ERP and dependence on the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition infrastructure in banking and telecom systems, puts more risks into them. Max Petrol independently detects vulnerabilities, adaptations, modifications and quality assurance, misconfigured programs, databases, operating systems, and networks. Max Petrol offers comprehensive and wide-coverage management solutions in accordance with the company’s security rules and guidelines.


Solar Security

Other Solar inCode security products are also available in BPJ. The goal of this software is to test software security. This software integrates Decompile with code analysis  technology.




  • Simple User Interface
  • Automate Complex Algorithms and Settings
  • Integrating with online code repositories if the application code is available or installing an executable copy of the software in Solar inCode
  • Checking mobile software by copying their URLs to Google Play or App Store in the Solar inCode menu
  • Resolving the vulnerability through modifying the Source Code or providing a detailed instruction on configuring security systems and using SIEM, WAF, and other solutions
  • Easy integration with Secure Software Development Cycle (SSDL)
  • The structure consists of three elements: The analyzer, Reporting and Fuzzy Logic


Which organizations need Solar inCode?

  • Units or departments of information security
  • Development and Quality Control units in software companies
  • Online Service Providers



  • Analyzing the software products without the need for source code (Through White Box Method)
  • Equipped with Fuzzy Logic Engine
  • Local and cloud version